Riding, running, floating, crashing

This weekend simply rocked. I RAN on Friday (you know, that thing where you put one foot in front of the other, and pound away until something hurts..), I pulled an epic off-road climb in Upper Park Saturday morning (can you just ride until you hit Nevada or something? It seemingly never ends!), and did the Honey Run loop on Sunday. My legs are pretty tired today, and it feels GREAT.

My buddy Justin didn't fare so well on his China Camp ride down in Marin - to the tune of 30 stitches. Beware, the photos are gnarly! I nearly fell out of my chair at Yahoo when I saw the pics, but Justin tells me, "2 wounds. 1 bad one. The cut is actually only like 1" - but also 1" deep."


In different news, Claire and I finally sold off our surfboards, seeing as how it's too damn crowded on the coast and nevermind the fact that we live in Chico now. There's not much surfing in Chico. So with the surfboard proceeds, we decided to go ahead and reinvest in a different water sport - kayaking. We've both done a bit of paddling in California, Georgia, and North Carolina, and what better place to spend a few summer hours a week than paddling the rivers and lakes of beautiful Northern California? With that in mind and our surfboard funds in hand, I haggled a bit and got us a great deal on two used demo boats from the friendly folks over at North Rim Adventure. I'm already daydreaming about flyfishing from a kayak on the Sacramento... and I figure it is also good preparation in the case that next winter is as wet as this past winter... one has to have a way to get to the Saturday market...


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Jeff in Chico said...

Those pics are WICKED!!!!! That looks like something froma movie or halloween costume. He's lucky he still has part of his leg.

What kind of pedals are you going to put on the kayak?

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Chico Gino said...

Yeah, it looks pretty gnarly! He walked away from it, and is just fine - it looks a lot worse than it is.

I figure some big platform pedals should work like a charm.


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