Thursday, September 23, 2010

The end of an era

After five unexpectedly awesome years in Chico, it's time for me to wind this blog down. I've gone through a ton of life changes over the past bit of time, and the universe has drawn me back to my adopted home city of San Francisco.

To be Chico Gino in San Francisco just doesn't seem right. San Francisco Gino, or City Gino doesn't have the same ring either, so it's time to close this chapter. I'll leave this blog here though, because there's some great content, discussions and interviews.

What am I doing headed back to the city?

Well, a few things.

I've started a user experience and product development company, Seabright Studios Ltd.. We are working with other companies to help build kick ass software, and we're also developing web-based products of our own. If you'd like to keep in touch that way, we'll have a newsletter signup and RSS feed for our blog there soon.

I'll be blogging at Gino Zahnd dot com from time to time. It won't be as focused on cycling as this blog has been, but bikes are an integrated part of my life, so count on seeing two-wheel related posts. Other topics will include beer and brewing, coffee, design, travel, and just general things about my trying to live a life worth loving. I'm also on Twitter.

I'll be riding with my good buddies in the bay area! The San Francisco Randonneur and Bay Area Prestige cyclocross scenes will see a lot more of me. Oh, and those monkeys up in Santa Rosa now have to deal with my pro-level heckling.

To close out on a cycling related note, I could not possibly find the right words to describe what Chico's cycling scene has done to add value to my life. It's the best town I know of to ride a bicycle for transportation. That's saying a lot, because I travel a TON, and have seen all the great cycling towns in the United States.

I've made some new friends that are now old friends, and have no doubt that I'll continue going on crazy cycling adventures with them, even though we'll be a few hours apart. Roy, Mike and Ochs, I'm lookin at you.

Chico Velo, or what's now left of it, was instrumental in introducing me to a ton of great people and great routes.

Chico Corsa, while I don't race road bikes, has provided me with a Wednesday night excuse to drink every single Wednesday for five years straight at the Banshee.

I guess that's about it for ol' Chico Gino. I move to San Francisco this Saturday, until I come back to Chico next month to race as a girl at the yearly GallandCrossDressCrossRace™.