Monday, January 23, 2006

The undiscovered world-class destination

I feel like I'm letting a big cat outta the bag here, but I have to say that Upper Bidwell Park in the winter and Spring is simply off the hook. Green grass, raging river, waterfalls and stream crossings everywhere, hardly any people.

It's as good as anything coastal California or Hawaii has to offer this time of year, only there aren't any people clogging up the land. You can come to the park too, just don't tell anyone else about it...

Claire and I did a trail run yesterday, and here's the scoop:

Activity: Running
Area:Upper Bidwell Park
Weather: Perfect. About 63 degrees and sunny.
Distance: Hour and a half
Avg spd.: who cares?! It was muddy, rocky, and flat out fun!
How I felt: Like I was cheating, in that I live in such a beautiful place
Thing to remember: Upper Park is a prime place to twist your ankles and knees. It's also a great place to obtain a countless number of stone bruises. Be careful!


Also, while I am still training quite a bit, the posting here is going to be a little less than usual because I'm working on a top secret online application for athletes. Well, it's not that top secret. It is called Distance Logger, and it will almost certainly be the best way for people of any distance-based sport to track, share, and monitor their athletic endeavors. More to come.


Also, I'm not going to hit my goal of riding 100 miles a week this month. I only got in about 65 last week, which sucks, but there's only so much time in a day! Ah well.


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