Saturday, October 07, 2006

Maybe the best reason to ride a bike

Remember how I was saying that you meet the nicest people on a bicycle? Well, if my previous post wasn't enough to encourage you to get off your butt and take that bike for a spin, maybe this post by my buddy Jeff, is. At one point, he says:
"I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since my first year of college."
His first year of college was almost 20 years ago (sorry to disclose that, dude). Forget about resolutions, the right time is right now.


Jill Homer said...

I know guys in their 40s who are in better shape than they've ever been. A lot of them spent their first year in college eating pizza and doing keg stands.

Gino Zahnd said...

Well, Jeff's not quite 40 yet. :-)

Jeff O. said...

I don't mind that my first year of college was 20 years ago, I just hope that 20 years from now I'm still in shape to do these rides.

And Jill must have seen me during my first and subsequent years in college.