Friday, November 10, 2006

Change of work: I'm going to Flickr

This isn't cycling related, but I feel it's worth mentioning here. I'm stoked to announce that in a couple of weeks I will be joining the Flickr team in San Francisco. I'll be leading interaction design efforts along with George and Stewart; Stewart is still Our Big Boss who wears the Big Hats. Rumor is that my first task will be to finally bring the Tuna Blaster™ product into the public light...

A few months back (nearly six to the day) Stewart put up a help wanted sign, and shortly thereafter we had coffee, or lunch. I can't quite remember at this point; we did both several times, come to think of it. It took a little while to get some things sorted out inside the Yahoo! Machine, but here we are about to close out 2006, and I couldn't be more pleased to be joining the team.

Flickr is the only other Online Thing I use on a daily basis besides Firefox and Mail. I'm a fan - a true Flickr nerd. And for those reasons I can't think of any other place I'd rather think hard about people, products, and the meaningful connections I can make between them.

This move of my weekday life to San Francisco will also reduce my back and forth trip by an hour each way, which, by my estimations, will allow me to reclaim about 100 hours of my life each year. And that's a lot of time to spend doing more important things, like ride a bike! ;-)

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Unknown said...

Super sweet, Flickr rules! Congrats on the change/promo/whatever you might call it.

I don't use Flickr everyday, but I do post most of the pics I do take. I really dig the photo mapping with the geotags.

anyway, good luck with the Maguro Blaster! I didn't realize you guys had a fish market too!! lol