Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sheldon Brown, we're all with you man

Today I caught some news on Biking Bis that I have to share. I'm not sure why I hadn't seen it before now.

Sheldon Brown, who is also the colorful and opinionated voice of Harris Cyclery, has touched my cycling life, and more, through his prolific writing about cycling - and possibly the most by sharing bits of his personal life history. I've never met the guy in person, but I've asked him enough questions and taken enough of his advice that he feels like a good friend. I imagine he's A Good Guy. And I can't imagine that I'm the only guy out there that feels this way. Sheldon has likely contributed more to the online cycling world than any other single person.

At age 62, Sheldon has Multiple Sclerosis. And after a lifetime of cycling and countless miles of riding, he can no longer ride his bikes.

Biking Bis writes:
Lately, [Sheldon] has also been writing posts about his health, which sadly is deteriorating. The bicycle guru can no longer ride a bicycle and began riding a recumbent trike in September.

He's been to three neurologists who can't seem to agree on a diagnosis. Neurologist "#2", as he calls him, is of the opinion that Sheldon suffers from a primary progressive form of multiple sclerosis. Neurologist #3 says there might be something other than MS, or something in addition to MS.

His plight has hit the blogwaves this week at Bike Friday Walter, Bicycle Design and Cyclelicious.

Let's join those bloggers and offer our support for Sheldon by making a donation to the National MS Society or signing up next year for one of the nearly 100 MS bike tours that are held throughout the summer across the US. The rides are typically two-day events that cover about 150 miles. The season starts in Florida in April 2007, according to the calendar at the MS bike tour webpage.
In addition to my own donation, I'll definitely be hitting Yahoo! up for sponsorship for at least one of my local MS rides.


Unknown said...

Hi Chico Gino -

Although I'm saddened to hear about your friend and a fellow cyclist, I applaud your efforts to help end the devastating effects of MS. I am the MS 150 Bike Tour Manager for the Camarillo to Santa Barbara ride and would love to help you and your readers out however possible. Elle Ullum

Jeff O. said...

I first read about Sheldon's illness in Bicycling last month but it sounds like it has progressed. I've also read many of his articles for information and reassurance. Ride an MS 150? Tell me when and where and I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

One irony of this is that Sheldon wrote a negative opinion about charitable "thons" back in 98:
I see his point, but I don't necessarily agree. I rode the MS150 two years ago and raised a bunch of cash. But, as a result, I came to dislike charity rides because of the dangers in riding in huge groups of inexperienced or careless riders. That said, I will happily donate to the cause when you get set up to take online donations.

Gino Zahnd said...

Jim, that is an interesting and ironic article that Sheldon wrote! How 'bout I preface any charity riding that I do in 2007 with "sometimes it hurts, but it's my own damn fault for riding 100 miles at a time." And furthermore, "after the pain is over, I'm stoked about the experience!" And the old cliché NO PAIN NO GAIN! :-)