Monday, November 13, 2006

A specialty license plate I'd buy

I generally don't give a hoot about specialty plates, but this one is an A-OK message with no particularly silly political overtones. If California did something like this, I'd probably contribute my extra sixty bucks to the state coffers; especially if the money went toward more bike lanes and bike-worthy improvements. Here's the story from USA cycling.

Here are some other states with similar plates: Georgia, Texas, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky.

Funny, speaking of politics; all but one of the states in the above list are "red" states. Can we surmise that red states might be more bicycle friendly than blue states?

And finally, here is Chico Velo's tee shirt version:


Anonymous said...

I'd say that red states are just friendlier, period.

Unknown said...

I just like the color red better than blue, it's happier!

Can ya feel me?

Anonymous said...

Maybe red states tend to have more specialty plate choices. Maybe red states have more specialty plate choices because they have more citizens who are opposed to other forms of taxation, and specialty plates are a good way to boost revenues. Here in blue MN, specialty plates seem to be limited in variety. I think this is because we happily impose taxes on ourselves at every opportunity. That, and red states are just friendlier. Period.

Gino Zahnd said...

Yeah, Californians also seem to love to tax themselves at every chance, and in the face of all reason, historical precedent and logic. Every election period I just have to take a deep breath and go ride my bike, and be thankful that the weather is nice enough to ride. :-)