Monday, November 17, 2008

Cyclocross! Chico's annual Cross Dress Cross Race

Cyclocross: Galland Cross Dress Cross Race 2008 from Gino on Vimeo.

In my head, this is what Cyclocross feels like.

This particular event is a yearly semi-private gathering of friends at Casa Galland in Chico, California. We get together and dress up like girls, drink beer, race cyclocross, and then drink more beer. See, Chico and bikes and beer go hand in hand.

Thanks to the Bronx (without permission) for the music. You guys rawk. Hard.


cyclotourist said...

Doper Batman scares me...

Anonymous said...

dude, i dunno...

Scott Clark said...

Hey, who's that chick in the bikini top on the red bike?


Kristin Carter said...

Gino and others,
We have a facility out by Butte Colege that would be a perfect facility for a cyclocross race or a short track mountain bike race. You would be riding on dirt, you have hills and flats and we could create multiple courses with obstacles of all sorts. Great way to get kids interested in racing and it would be fun as a spectator event – something that typical racing lacks. We have parking, showers, camping, with shade and access to water and Sierra Nevada beer!
Let me know if you think there may be interest, we would be happy to host you on a site tour.
Best regards,

Kristin Carter
Board member,
Camelot Equestrian Park
Chico, CA 95928