Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bringin' it home for Team Paul

Well, I stuck it out in the C's this season, and brought home the win for Team Paul. As Paul says, ' TEAM PAUL DOMINATES THE SLOW CLASS OF A REALLY SMALL RACE SERIES!'

And so it was, my first cyclocross season, and probably my last season of winning. What does an Overall Winner receive in a tiny race series? Well, for one, a custom etched 1st Place beer mug bigger than my head. Any astute Chico Gino readers realize this may well be a Gift from God in these parts. It's true. We like beer here.

I also received a nice $50 gift certificate to a bike shop in Redding (that's a good number of tubes!), some Yerba Mate, a Redline beanie, and a pint glass from Kona Cycles, which has a sketch of a fella doing a table top on a penny farthing, with the descriptive exclamation, "SICK!". More cycle-themed beer implements... I'm in love.

Oh, I've also been advised to not come back unless I'm willing to move up a class. I guess it's time to start training harder for the B's next fall.
Zahnd in the lead, by jnkochs

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