Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bidwell Park Centennial 5k

Claire and I ran a fun little 5k race this morning in Bidwell Park. It was sponsored by the Chico Running Club, and there were about 250 entrants.

Activity: Running
Area: Lower Bidwell Park
Weather: 65-70 degrees and clear! Perfect early morning!
Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
Avg spd.: 8:10 pace - awful.
How I felt: Good and outta shape.
Thing to remember: Two pugs walked the race with their owner. The pugs had race numbers, the owner didn't. There was also a Chihuahua sporting a pink miniskirt. Oh, and Bidwell Park is soooo beautiful.

Pre-race vogue (of course I ran with it):

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