Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday morning ride

On my ride today, I decided today that I'm going to do my first century ride ever next spring. And why not make it the Chico Wildflower Century, which is hosted in my home town? I have a long way to go training-wise, but the ride isn't until the end of April. If I can run a marathon, I can ride a century. Right?

Activity: Road Bike
Area: In town, Lower Bidwell, Chico Canyon Rd.
Weather: 80-88 degrees. Sunny and clear.
Distance: 22.5 miles
Avg spd.: 16.5mph
How I felt: like cobwebs are falling outta my lungs
Thing to remember: Got pulled by two old guys (mid 50s?), one riding a squeaky tank sporting old school platform/clip/strap pedals, for about 5 miles. They blew my doors off up Chico Canyon. Try harder.

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