Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bike fit update

After posting yesterday about my poor bike fit, I did some research and made some adjustments.

I read some of these articles: http://del.icio.us/gzahnd/cycling

and then I:

1) Put my saddle back to center
2) Kept lowering my seat post click by click until I could pedal backwards using my heels with no hip wobble
3) Asked Claire to measure my leg angles with a plumb (yo-yo from Profile Design), and an angle finder

And guess what?! My bike got a hell of a lot more comfortable, and my leg angles were textbook as a result of the adjustments. This then allowed me to rotate my handlebars back to a sane position, which also is giving me better braking leverage and handling abillity. My Calfee Tetra Pro suddenly felt like a cockpit rather than a strain on my nether regions, back, and neck. The problem now is that I need to rewrap my bars and move the levers to accomodate my new riding position.

I took her for a quick spin and it's a whole different feeling - sprint power where I'd not felt it before, no hot spots (or dull spots) in my back, neck, or groin. This is all undoubtedly due to riding a triathlon bike for several years, and not understanding how a classic geometry road bike should be set up. Tri bikes have an entirely different setup than classic road bikes, and it's taking me a while to get the idea into my thick skull.

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