Monday, September 05, 2005

Keefer Road loop

After a few days of driving in search of rare fish, I needed to stretch my legs on the bike - especially in light of the fact I'm riding a 37 mile ride next weekend.

Activity: Road Bike
Area: Keefer Road loop. From my house it cuts the mileage down though.
Weather: Low 70's, clear, perfect
Distance: 16.1 miles
Avg spd.: 16.1mph
How I felt: Good! I'm starting to wonder if my top tube is too long though. Occasionally I experience some numbness downstairs due to saddle pressure, and my saddle is as far forward as it can go. Before I sell the Calfee I'll work on core body strength first - to make sure it's the bike, and not my weak computer geek torso being too weak to hold itself up at the proper angle and distance...
Thing to remember: I found the property I want to buy some day out on, of all road names, Hicks Lane. A beautiful home on 60 acres right outside Chico, horse barns, a nice horse arena, and country roads in every direction with a perfect view of the Sierra foothills.

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