Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Amgen Tour of California

With the Tour in full swing, there has been a ton of buzz here in my weekday neck of the woods. Today, Floyd Landis whipped Hincapie by over 30 seconds to win the time trial here in San Jose to gain the yellow jersey.

The worst part of having a day job is that I couldn't get away from work to check out the action, and it's right down the street! Luckily, my colleague and buddy, Alden, blew off work this week to check out the racing, and has taken some fantastic photos to satiate my desire to be there in person. Also, there are a ton of cool Tour photos on Flickr.

Come on George!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! I watched the first stage and taped the rest. I wish I could go see that sometime. Makes me want to go ride! Great pics! Thyanks for posting. Jeff