Thursday, April 06, 2006

Saul Raisin, my thoughts are with you man

I just came across this terrible news while reading my daily cycling news. Bicycling reporter, James Startt, writes:

American cyclist Saul Raisin is in a coma and his chances of survival are uncertain. Raisin slipped into the coma after a brain hemorrhage, resulting from a crash in the Circuit of the Sarthe on Tuesday.

To Saul's family, my thoughts are with you.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, terrible news. The first reports early in the week made it sound not as bad as it's turned out.

He was supposedly conscious while in route to the hospital and at the hospital. But then there was hemorrhaging when the hematoma burst. I guess yesterday the MDs preformed 2 operations to reduce the swelling in the brain, and they were successful.

We're all hoping for the best.