Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not cycling-related, but burning laptops rule

From my other blog, Push Button For:

Stock price be damned! Today there was a mass evacuation of my building at Yahoo! in Santa Clara. Apparently someone brought in their personal DELL laptop and had yet to heed their battery recall instructions. Here are the charred remains. The fire was on the 8th floor, and the acrid stench of burned plastic could be smelled eight floors down!

I have yet to find out who the person was; I would like to get a recount of how the events that led up to this transpired. If I get an update, I will let you know.

Update: The machine belongs to a Yahoo! Research Intern. It was his first week on the job, from what I've uncovered. He was simply sitting there at his desk, writing code when his machine started smoking, and then flaming. Welcome to Yahoo, grasshopper.


Unknown said...

I hope that didn't engage the sprinkler system or halon gas or FM200 or whatever fire supression system you guys have in that building.

I've got about 8 Dell laptops that connect to my tiny network, but lucky for me, none met the parameters of the battery recall, yet.

Good thing people don't really place these on there laps.

Jeff O. said...

"Dude, you blew up your Dell!"