Monday, October 23, 2006

Oxygen Break

Here Jeff takes a break at the top of some mountain outside Graeagle, California. Just to shake things up, we took a dirt ride a few weeks back. It was a blast, although I think Jeff is questioning his ancient fork.

I'm still around; just been busy traveling, working, planning a move of the weekday place, etc.

I haven't been riding nearly enough, but that's about to change... in the mean time I felt the need to come up for air myself.

I'm in Seattle right now for the IDEA 2006 conference. The number of cyclists, and number of cyclists riding practical bikes with fenders, lights and racks is really inspring. All types of people here rides bikes. Weather be damned.

Also, the number of breweries that make a mean, hoppy ale is outrageous. The weather has been fantastic. In fact, I think the whole rain thing is a scam; it is something Seattleites tell people from California to keep the population down and the people laid back. Well, I'm on to your little scam!

I love this town.

Update: This morning (Tuesday) it is pouring in Seattle. Perhaps someone here read my previous post, and had the powers that be turn on the rain in order to dissuade me from think that it doesn't rain in Seattle.

At any rate, when I went to grab a cup of coffee a few minutes ago I saw three riders in five minutes, all decked in rain gear, bikes with mega-headlights, fenders, Ortlieb waterproof panniers. They also all had disc brakes. I reckon there is something to that disc brake thing in wet climates.

I still love this town. And its coffee.

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Jeff O. said...

Nice clean air, a great view of the valley, and some good company made for a fine afternoon in the mountains.

And it rained in Seattle when I was there in August. I guess you learn to deal with it.