Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools Day

For my non-American friends, there is a "holiday" on April 1st of each year called April Fools' Day, in which pranks, jokes and hoaxes are played. The whole bit about me quitting cycling was a joke!

I didn't quit cycling, and have no intent to ever quit. I rode about 120 miles this past weekend (Friday-Sunday), and I am stoked about the upcoming Chico Wildflower century, followed by a few bicycle camping trips in May and June, followed by another century in September.

Get on your bikes and ride!



Unknown said...

Did you like the one where Gmail will send you a printed copy of your emails if you so choose? Knee slapper for sure.

Yeah, Wildflower and then bike camping. I'm supposed to meet Jeff at the Pardee Party this Saturday. I'm sure we'll discuss the camping possibilities.

Jeff Moser said...

My wife and I are headed up for the Wildflower this weekend. I've never been to Chico, so I'm pretty excited. Can't wait to check out the Sierra NV brewery too. I hope the weather holds out!