Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paintings of bikes

A few weeks ago, a fellow named Tim Goss emailed me about this photo of my Blériot, which he found on Flickr. He asked permission to paint a watercolor rendering of the photo, to which I (of course) said SURE!

Well, the painting is finished, and it is in fact lovely (and for sale). Check out Gino's New Bike and Tim's other beautiful watercolors.


James T said...

That is a very nice painting of the bike. I like detail in the bag. Rivendell should put a picture of this in the Reader.

Elsie said...

That is a beautiful painting. It builds on feelings of "home," "adventure," "exploring the unknown" but adds this carefree element to it through the watercolor strokes. "The medium is the message." :)