Sunday, July 29, 2007

Polar does not understand bicycle fit

I've been surfing around looking at various training programs to both increase my base fitness level, and to increase my fast-twitch muscle strength and endurance. So far, I haven't found anything great, so if you know of a good training program that includes weight training, core strength training, and smart bike training let me know, won't you?

It so happens that I somtimes use a Polar heartrate monitor that I have from my triathlon days, and whilst on the Polar site, I came across this hilarious intro to 'Choosing a bike', which offers up the following "sage advice":
Road bikes work well for long distances and by riding one you will be able to exercise for long periods. A drawback is the hunched-over position which could feel uncomfortable in the beginning. You will get used to it quickly, of course, and then you will be able to cycle long distances effortlessly.
People at Polar, don't quit your day jobs!

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Anonymous said...

Effortless? I prefer to think that road bikes are for going faster than nature intended.