Monday, June 16, 2008

The S24O and beer

In my little world of bike camping, my fellow Chicoans seems to have a hankering for tasty suds after a hot summer ride. And they (and by 'they' and mean 'we') like them cold. Really though, who doesn't want to swill a cold one when camping on a summer day?

With this in mind, could this backpack cooler be modified to work on a rack? If so, it might be the perfect hot weather beer carrying pannier. With that in mind, I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who has devised a good beer carrier for S24Os.

Thanks to Design House Stockholm for such simple and useful design.


Jim G said...

Awhile back, we were chatting/laughing over my DIY/hacked bike-stuff attitude. I think I mentioned that I'd spotted some $12 soft-sided insulated cooler bags at Walgreens, that looked like they could be hacked/converted into a cheap handlebar bag. Something like this, in fact...

So there ya go, perfect beer-porteur! ;)

Unknown said...

Like Jim, I also use the mini soft cooler. It's good for a sixer of cans or bottles with room to spare for frozen water bottles and some ice to keep the beer cold. It sits perfectly between the panniers on the rear rack.

Gino, remember when you saw me riding up HWY 32 last summer on my way to Chester? I had the soft cooler with me on that 100+ degree day. On day two, I still had frozen water bottles.

If you want, I think I may be able to pick up a freebie from work.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys ever see the biopic on Jackson Pollock? Theres a kind of funny yet tragic scene where he tries to transport and drink beer on the bike.

Anyway, I'll be reading to see if there's a good solution to come of this. Could anything get better? Beer + S240 + warm summer days & nights?

Gino Zahnd said...

Funny you should ask. Thermos is now making some really classic looking bags, which JimG pointed me at yesterday:


Gino Zahnd said...

Damn you, Blogger. Here are the links again:

Mr DNA said...

I think that'd work great. I've been kicking around the idea of making some stainless hooks (a la Detours Toocan panniers) and bolting them onto a generic cooler.
Our last S24O we just made sure two people had Xtracycles. Coolers were no problem :)
Here's a little story: