Thursday, March 30, 2006

Awake is the New Sleep

Having insomnia is interesting, to say the least. I can't imagine having this problem all the time. So what does one do when one can't sleep after 20 hours awake? Why, read about cycling and insomnia, of course!

In this article from Dr. Mercola he recommends exercise, and more specifically, swimming as the best exercise for insomnia. He has this to say about the bike:

"For most of us, cycling is not a good practical alternative for two reasons. One has to cycle up to four times longer than most other aerobic activities to obtain similar cardiovascular benefits. However, the more important issue is that most of us ride on the roads and expose ourselves to being seriously injured or killed by cars or trucks."

It's a fascnating place to be; my body is telling me that I'm exhausted, and yet I can't close my eyes. Prednisone, I'm learning, makes me squirelly as hell. No mood swings yet though - I feel pretty darn tootin' and cheery right about now!

I have to start triathlon training again. I want to compete in least one off road tri this year. Any suggestions? It'll have to be late season.


The Old Bag said...

OK, now I'm starting to worry...not that triathletes are delusional...well, they may be, but you're not --

are you?

Seriously, I'm sure you're being careful, but the old lady in me just has to say BE CAREFUL! with all this insomnia bidness.


be careful

drink all your milk

and all that other mom-type stuff.

Gino Zahnd said...

Oh, I'm careful. Probably too careful. I'm just getting stir crazy from two months without exercise. :-)

Jeff O. said...

Boy, you were cute and pale when you were younger. What happened to the cuteness?

Was that the race where you puked red gatorade on the finish line?

I think you should use all this extra awake time to work on Distance Logger. Your faithful followers are waiting.

Gino Zahnd said...

I guess I got old and fat. I'm still pale though.

In fact, the first pic is the red gato-puke Xterra race in Keystone, CO. The second photo is from 2003 in Granite Bay, Ca.

Ha ha

Jeff O. said...


You are no where near fat. In fact, do you have any body fat?