Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hantavirus update, Neti Pots

In my quest to rid my body of this amazingly stubborn virus, I picked up a Neti Pot (see video for gory details) based on a tip from a coworker. I'm generally skeptical of any hippy voodoo, but any time I get to jam something up my nose with the possibility of stuff flying out other parts of my head, I'm game!

When I saw the above video, it looked like something my buddies and I would've done in highschool, only we would've used milk or beer, and there would have been dudes standing around cheering...

Last night I gave the Neti Pot a shot, and here are a few observations:

  1. It's amazing how much water you can pour into your head before water starts coming out some other hole.
  2. It's amazing how much garbage one can store in one's head
  3. It was surprisingly painless. I expected it to be like surfing - where Mother Ocean fills your head with Coli-sodden saltwater against your will. It was not.

And the results? Well, for a short time my sinuses were as clean as a whistle. In fact, I might've lost weight from the amount of junk that came out of my head. Today, my sinuses are still clear. And my cough and post nasal drip are all but gone.

My one remaining symptom is that I can't hear anything. The ears are totally plugged to the point where it sounds as if I have earplugs in. I figure since my sinuses are cleaned out, it's just a matter of time before the rest comes rushing out as well. In the mean time my equilibrium feels like a six-beer dizzy. I can barely stand up straight! But if I can rid myself of this ear garbage...

it looks like I'll be on the MF'ing bike this weekend, beeotches!


Chico Cyclist said...

SWEET!!!!!!! Hey, get some of that ear flush stuff - my doc recommended it for my ears to clean 'em out. Takes 3 days - just in time for the weekend.

Jeff O. said...

That video was insane! You know I have a pressure washer that could really clean you out.

Glad to see you'll be spinning again. How about trying the Italian Double with me this weekend. At least do Cohasset with me.

Anonymous said...

You really used that thing? Man, you must really want to ride!
Hope you're never constipated!

Anonymous said...

You really used that thing? Man, you must really want to ride!
Hope you're never constipated!

Gino Zahnd said...

Bis: Ha ha! Actually it was a pretty good experience.

Yokota Fritz said...

Me and several other sinus sufferers actually use a Water Pic to shoot water up the nose. You can dislodge an amazing amount of snot with a Water Pic and warm saline. Google for [sinus irrigation] for more info.