Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zahnd meets Zirkel

I never look at Moots bicycles. They're just too expensive for my blood. But last night something changed (maybe the dizziness has affected my brain) and I wanted to see what they were up to with their mountain bikes these days. And now I can't stop ogling this thing. Not that I'm going to buy a frame and build it up; the Moots Zirkel in this photo comes out to about $8,000 from my calculations, but ain't it sweet? (Click the photo to see details)

I have a question. Where are the pros riding Moots bikes?


Chico Cyclist said...

Me Wantee!! I love this bike.....well.....I pretty much lust after all Moots bikes....but definitely dig that one.

ian said...

Are you kidding? Moots doesn't throw down $ to put pros on their bikes. They don't need to. Tilford has a Moots or two, and they supported Ruthie for a season or two, but that's not how they spend their advertising dollars. Most pros, salaried or not (and most are not in the MTB world) are happy to ride whatever they can get for free.

Semi-pros with careers, like me, for example, will throw down needlessly large dollars for something like that. Nice. I want one.

Gino Zahnd said...

The last category you forgot are white collar desk jockeys with enough money to blow on gear like that.