Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I need a Beer Belly™

If I were any kind of a contender at races, I would without hesitation use the Beer Belly as my hydration system.

Just imagine showing up to a mountain bike race with a tight jersey on, a big beer gut, and what appears to be no water, and then whip the pants off everyone at the race.

Hell, I might have to pick up a Beer Belly just to ride with my homeboys in Chico! And the Pleasure Extender will certainly rock on those hot summer days...


Jeff O. said...

Don't need one, dude. Got one of my own.

Unknown said...

Most of my buddies in chico already have these, unfortunately, their's aren't removable.

But, for cycling, this might actually be more aerodynamic than one worn on your back but could get in the way of your legs during the upswing.

They should have created a 72 oz version and called it the 6-pak.

I foresee, Dave Z and Bobby J rockin' these during the ITT in the TdF.

Gino Zahnd said...