Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saul Raisin coming home

I don't know if it is because as I get older I think about my own mortality more, but I've continually had Saul Raisin in my head since his crash earlier this month. Saul is out of the coma now, and apparently feeling well enough to extract medical devices from his body.

A post from his parents on his web site today reads:
Today is a good day. We did not tell this before, but Saul was not taken off the respirator earlier, he pulled it out. After 24 hours they had to reinsert it. Yesterday they took it out again and so far Saul does not need it and hopefully he will not need it. Saul is sitting in a chair for short times and talking a little. He told us he does not like it here and he is hungry. Saul is still very confused and will be for a while. The infection in his lungs is a lot better. If he keeps improving with little or no set backs, we are coming home soon.

Here's to a full recovery.


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Unknown said...

Yeah, getting older will do that to ya. Luck for Saul, he's still young and this should only be a bump in the road for him.

I thought it was strange, how when this was first reported, the severity of the situation wasn't really expressed very well.

The way the first few reports came across, it seemed like just another crash, which it wasn't.

Here's to Saul getting better real quick like!

Gino Zahnd said...

I hope it's only a bump in the road. In my personal experiences, I've had one buddy that recovered fully, and one that never did. :-(

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