Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vanilla adds Wildcat to cyclocross roster

Vanilla makes the coolest bikes on the planet if you ask me. Beautiful and timeless design, as well as exquisite craftsmanship put Sacha White's bicycles at the very tip top of my list, and someday I plan to own and ride one.

But that's not the point today. Here's the point. BikePortland reports:
Kevin Hulick will be sponsored by Vanilla Bicycles for the 2006 cyclocross season... Hulick, who went to school and raced bikes at Chico State University in California, now splits his time between Corvallis and Portland. He’s “pretty excited to be riding bikes built by Sacha,” and who wouldn’t be?


Arbit said...

Hey nice blog there...I read ur post on why there is not a single indian professional cyclist..Well, the sport is slowly catching up.. If not professionally, atleast recreationally(bike to work, et al)
Here are some blogs by cycle enthusiasts in India:

I cycle myself, but I am more of a runner.

Though I agree that many roads in India aren't of a great quality and are really congested during the day, we do have many smooth stretches of roads that are used for practice(which may be on the outskirts of the city for example).
There are not many opportunities to bring out the cycling talent here due to a lack of awareness of cycling as a sport.
In this context, there has been a recent spurt in marathons in India, the standard chartered marathon in Mumbai for example,the bangalore marathon, etc which have given a professional touch to marathons and have made aware the sport of marathon among the general public. Similar awareness needs to be brought about by holding 'professionally organised' cycling races, which sadly are non-existent as of now.


Gino Zahnd said...

Thanks for the comments and links. More than anything my post about cyclists and India was a thin framing for a joke and a link to that video of the crazy intersection.

I'd love to see more runners and cyclists from places like India. But it sounds like there is a lot of catching up to do.

Arbit said...

True...recreation in india is/was until recently mostly in the form of cricket..which is kind of a religion here..Wait, I am speaking of what kids(till college) do for recreation..

If you are talking adults, hmm, there are no organised clubs or a few which operate on a low scale, that actively promote any sport(running/cycling/football for example).

Many people walk in the morning. Very few of them run. The main motivation to either run/walk in the morning is to reduce weight.
But yeah, you can see more number of joggers by the day. Running as a sport..not really(where would be the motivation with the utter lack of races).

People turn to sports most often in order to reduce weight as is the case in us. But, many here resort to health clubs/gyms rather than taking up a sport to do the same simply because there aren't any
sports clubs selling themselves as the health clubs do.

But when marathons approach(not more than 6 popular ones are held in the whole of India), people do indulge in some practice prior to the marathon(2 weeks before) and complain about how gruelling the marathon is(which it is), but then you could do some consistent regular practice, can't you, and make it easier. Awareness about the sport and training needs to be heigtened up.

Things are changing with the corporate culture catching up and many youngsters are now taking to hiking/running/cycling/adventure sports during the weekends. So the future generation would definitely be more sports savvy and with more events being organised (there is some learning to be done here), the response is bound to be good.(Here's my blog entry in this context:
When, that will happen is just a matter of few years, hopefully.
Till then...we have to do catching up, big time.