Friday, December 23, 2005

1st of 8 days in Chico

I got home this afternoon, and it was a perfect day in my home town. 68 degrees, partly cloudy, slight breeze. Not bad for late December! After riding my new Bianchi tank for the week, I was dying to know what the go-fast Calfee was going to feel like. It felt like riding a thoroughbred after riding a Clydesdale! Here are the stats:

Activity: Road Bike
Area: In town, Lower Bidwell Park, Upper Bidwell Park, Chico Airport
Weather: 68 degrees. Partly cloudy.
Distance: 23 miles
Avg spd.: 15mph
How I felt: Legs were a little sore for the first 4 miles from pedaling every day this week, then I felt pretty good. Too much Christmas traffic though, and man, does Christmas make drivers grumpy!

Oh, speaking of grumpy, here is a statue of some geezer near the park. I was stoked to be out riding, and not the least bit perturbed about anything - but I tried to give it my best face...

Oh, I should also mention that when we got home today, one of the first things Claire said is, "Hey, did you take my mountain bike pedals? Because if you didn't someone broke into the garage, and the only thing they took were my pedals!"

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