Thursday, December 15, 2005

New daily driver

For the past several months I have been drooling over the 2006 Bianchi San Jose. I absolutely hate commuting on my Dahon folding bike, and I've been wanting a single speed commute bike for quite a while. Today after work, I went to American Cyclery and picked one up! They are the only bike shop in the entire Bay Area that has them in stock, and apparently they have a sweetheart deal with Bianchi USA, which is right across the bay in Hayward, California. American Cyclery by the way, is one of the best shops in the Bay Area if you're into classic road machines.

Anyway, tonight was one of those bike porn nights, where you sit there and ogle at your new, shiny metal buddy. I think the best part of the frame is on the back of the seat tube, just above the bottom bracket. There's a yellow chicken, and an accompanying caption that says "100% Chick Designed" - which I'm assuming that a lady, or team of ladies over at Bianchi USA are responsible for. Nice work gals! Your bike is currently rocking my evening!

The guys at the bike shop were cool enough to throw in some sweet and fat SOMA New Express tires, and even put them on for me. I also have the WTB All Terrainasauras tires that came on it, in the case that I want to punish myself with a single speed off road...

So when I got home, I threw on the bike shorts, threw on some pedals, and hopped on the rollers for about a half an hour. Other than the smell of burning rubber in the room from the new tires, everything seems great so far. The bike is such a departure from my Calfee racing bike! A much longer wheel base, a chromoly frame, super-relaxed posture, huge tires, and one gear make for an incredibly smooth ride. Steering is nowhere close to my Calfee's precision, nor is acceleration fantastic, but with the Bianchi it's not supposed to be. I see it as a go anywhere daily driver that will require very, very little maintenance.

I'm looking forward to putting a rack and some fenders on this puppy, and putting in some daily miles on her!

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