Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damn, it's been a while

I absolutely did what I predicted - I stopped writing here. The reasons have been good though - I've been busy with work. I'm now a Yahoo! I spend my weekdays in Silicon Valley, and my weekends in the heaven on Earth that is Chico. So now, back to it. I've decided to go for it, and ride the Chico Wildflower Century at the end of April.

Luckily I've been commuting by bicycle to Yahoo!, so at least I've been spinning a little each day. 100 miles is a long way to ride though, so I need to get training in earnest.

If anyone in the Santa Clara area stumbles upon this, and wants a so-so cycling partner, drop a line. Hint: follow the link at the very bottom of this page to email me.

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