Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bike to Work Day madness

This morning I left the crappy Santa Clara apartment as usual, and about three blocks away I started passing people on bicycles. I was still in an early morning daze, and couldn't figure out what so many people were careening around on bikes that they obviously never ride when it hit me: it's Bike To Work Day!

I nearly crashed three times either with people who were wobbling back and forth in the bike lane or with the cars that were whizzing by on my left side. Overall though, it was a really pleasant experience. I'm happy to see so many people riding to work. It makes Santa Clara really feel like a different place - almost enjoyable... almost like it has a soul...

People become a lot more friendly when they're on a bicycle.

When I got to work the folks from Bay Area Bikes had a stand set up and were giving away free Bags-O-Schwag. Yes! Schwag for doing what I do anyway! And tonight at the Tied House Brewery in SanHo there is a BABC-sponsored partay where they'll be raffling off new bicycles, gear, parts, and more. Oh, and beer and snacks are as next to free as it gets.

It blows my mind that so many people - thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands - live so close to their work, but only ride their bikes one day a year! For me, it is an immeasurably better experience to ride to work every day; to feel the wind, to feel the rain, to move my legs, to get my heart pumping - it all beats sitting in a car any day. And at the end of the day The Ride lets me unwind and relax before I get home. And I'm sure Claire enjoys that!


Jeff O. said...

Just like Amateur Night on New Year's. Wobbling and everything!

Wish I could have ridden but don't have the time to put in the miles need to get here in time.

Dr. Xeno said...

FYI, saw no stations along my route crossing contra costa into alameda county. Did my typical combo commute - from San ramon, 7 miles drive to Cull Canyon in Castro Valley & ride the other 7 from there to Cal State in Hayward (plus a hill workout before work). Then straight back to the car at 5 pm - only saw like 3 extra cyclists today, odd. But I always see a few, especially when driving on San Ramon Valley BLVD. I'd ride the whole way, but Crow Canyon Rd is off-limits during commute hours and the safe way is Dublin Canyon & makes it 20+ miles; can only do that about once a week. IF gas hits $4 soon, I'll do more!

Gino Zahnd said...

Yeah, down where I ride during the week it's flat as a pancake which might explain the high numbers of cyclists I saw (and played bumper cars with).