Thursday, May 18, 2006

Officials in Adelaide, Australia push for car-free

In Australia, the City of Adelaide Minister proposed yesterday to make the city center blocked off from cars for a month - so that citizens could experience what Adelaide would be like if it were a city only comprised of pedestrians and cyclists.

This is a fascinating idea, and I can only wonder if a big city can actually pull something like this off.

In San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, each Sunday brings the welcome silence of no cars on the main road - and the result is droves of people (maybe too many?) enjoy riding certain roads of the park without the nuisance and danger of cars. A similar measure to close the park's main roads on Saturday was recently vetoed by the lunatic mayor (he's generally a lunatic, not because of his veto) after it was approved by the Board of Nutjobs Supervisors.

So even in hyper-liberal San Francisco, closing one road on Saturdays couldn't even fly.

Adelaide, our eyes are upon you!

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