Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ready to ride

I came across David in Portland, who has a fantastic blog. Here is the description in his words:
Ready to Ride is for non-competitive cyclists who want to take their riding to the next level. I share strategies that help balance the demands of a career, a family, the physical and mental preparation, and the equipment necessary to achieve Really Big Goals on the bike.
Sounds interesting to me! I also added him to my right hand column of bike bloggers.


David Rowe said...

Greetings, Chico Gino, from the Great Pacific Northwest! Thank you for mentioning my Blog and the permalink from your site. I wanted to let you know that Ready To Ride is moving to it's own URL. In fact, the new site is now live at I hope you will check it out. If you like the new look and feel, give us a shout - it's the work of my son Evan.

We hope you will updatd your link, too!

Gino Zahnd said...

Howdy David - updated the right hand column link as well.