Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve ride

Activity: Road Bike
Area: from Dairyville, CA to west Red Bluff, CA
Weather: 62 degrees. Partly cloudy.
Distance: ~25miles
Avg spd.: 15mph
How I felt: I rode pretty hard, legs were actually pretty tired by the end of 25 miles of rolling hills.

Hwy 99 from Dairyville is pretty scary, but once you're west of downtown Red Bluff, the road is pretty much yours, and the scenery is fantastic!

The best part of this ride was arriving at my in-laws' ranch for holiday feasting. You can see some Hanukrismas photos over at Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gino
I'd love to ride with you, it sounds like a good workout.
merry chrsitmas and a happy new year, where we hopfully meet.

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Saint Florian said...

hey g
we loved the pics
good looking blogdome
hope to see y'all soon