Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good old Keefer Rd.

After nursing a wine hangover for most of the day, and sitting around watching it rain like the world was ending, I finally got a break in the weather this afternoon, and felt good enough to get a good ride in. Happy New Yarrr!

Activity: Road Bike
Area: Keefer Road loop. From my house it cuts the mileage, so I added some miles down and back on Keefer before the turn onto Hicks Lane.
Weather: Low 70's, clear, perfect
Weather: 55 degrees, sunny with big dark clouds over the mountains. Windy.
Distance: 20 miles
Avg spd.: 16.1mph
How I felt: Things were good. I gotta get my average speed up a couple of notches! I'm getting some occasional numbness in both of my big toes. WTF?

Thing to remember: It has been raining for about two weeks now with few breaks. This afternoon, the wind kicked in and the storm subsided for a while. All over Chico there is running water and lakes where none existed a month ago. The creeks are raging torrents, and are at the brink of spilling over. Roads were flooded and a lot of fun to ride through.

I got totally soaked by a lady that drove past me in a rusted out Honda Accord exactly like this one. We were headed in opposite directions on Hicks Lane, and we were both in a flooded section of road at the same time - thus her car sent a miniature tsunami onto my bike and me. Ha!


Unknown said...

You see that Moto-X track out there on Keefer? I might have to break out the BMX bike!

Gino Zahnd said...

Yeah, I actually know those folks personally. I hadn't thought of the bmx bike, but might be fun!