Thursday, December 22, 2005

Week 1 of the new Bianchi San Jose

With one week nearly down, and about 30 or 40 miles on my new daily driver, I want to report a few things.

Overall the San Jose is a fantastic bike to ride around town. My commute in Silicon Valley is particularly flat and short, and the single speed is perfect for it. Running errands has become a treat, and after slapping on the Time ATAC pedals from my wife's mountain bike (she doesn't know yet) I want to move further away from work so that I can get more spinning in each way. Smooth and steady is the San Jose.

My SOMA road tire switcharoo from the stock WTB's, and the Planet Bike fenders have already proven themselves. This week it rained cats and dogs several times, but I luckily was able to tear home between downpours. The roads have been miniature rivers, and the only thing wet when I get home or to work has been my shoes (not socks or feet). The SOMA tires are incredbily stable on all hard surfaces, and the mudflap version of the fenders have saved me from back spackle every single time.

My only complaint with the fenders is that due to their ease of installation (I installed them in less than ten minutes)and light weight, they tend to shimmy on brick surfaces and over potholes. The result is a nanosecond rub against the tires, but there have been no ill effects from it.

So if anyone in the world actually read this, are there any recommendations for what kind of rear rack I should put on this bike? It would be nice to get the laptop and stack of books and papers off my back, and onto the bike!


The Old Bag said...

I've not seen one of these in the flesh yet, but I sure like the looks of them from photos. Congrats on the new ride!

Gino Zahnd said...

I'll get some photos of it up on Flickr next week when I'm back in Santa Clara. I'm definitely in love with the retro styling and the tip of the hat to the rainbow jersey.

I suppose that since Bianchi USA is based here in northern CA, we get a bit of a sneak preview. :-)

Chico Cyclist said...

Awesome bike! I've been looking at getting one of these for my daily commutes too - I have an old Diamondback Apex mountain bike with, of all things, Campy Super Record derailleurs - great little commuting bike, but it's on its last legs I'm afraid. Great looking Bianchi though!

Anonymous said...

I do not have the heart to put a rack on my San Jose. The fendes came off in the summer.

I do like the Nexus 8 I put on it.

I keep my books and laptop in my shoulder bag. Probably good reason why my laptop no longer works.

I have some Blackburn racks in the garage ready to go. I trusted my kids on the Expedition rack with the double seat stay connections rather than the single.

Oakland, CA