Thursday, April 27, 2006

Karthik weighs in on distance sports in India

A fellow in India named Karthik weighed in on my jokey post about that crazy intersection video, and he provided enough information about cycling and running in India that I feel like I should post it in case you miss his comment. Karthik says:
Hey nice blog there...I read ur post on why there is not a single indian professional cyclist..Well, the sport is slowly catching up.. If not professionally, at least recreationally (bike to work, et al)

Here are some blogs by cycle enthusiasts in India:

I cycle myself, but I am more of a runner.

Though I agree that many roads in India aren't of a great quality and are really congested during the day, we do have many smooth stretches of roads that are used for practice(which may be on the outskirts of the city for example).
There are not many opportunities to bring out the cycling talent here due to a lack of awareness of cycling as a sport.

In this context, there has been a recent spurt in marathons in India, the standard chartered marathon in Mumbai for example,the bangalore marathon, etc which have given a professional touch to marathons and have made aware the sport of marathon among the general public. Similar awareness needs to be brought about by holding 'professionally organised' cycling races, which sadly are non-existent as of now.


Thanks Karthik! Here's to India and distance sports!


The Old Bag said...

Great followup! I was fascinated by the video clip.

Gianni said...

Check this out, I get home from a ride Saturday, and my Indian neighbor comes over-"Do you ride that on the velodrome?"
" The ve-lo-drome. We had the only one in the country in my town when I was growing up. My best friend was the district champion."