The mystery and intrigue of the NEXT BLOG>>

Have you ever bothered to place your mouse in the top right corner of this blog, and proceed to click 'NEXT BLOG>>'?

I just did this exercise for approximately 15 minutes, and the blogs I came across ranged from dull, to sex-filled, to hilarious, to languages I don't know, to people in Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and every other corner of the globe.

I highly recommend you do the exercise. Who knows what you might find.

Gawd bless the world wide internet.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Tony Rocha said...

I've done the same and it can be fun. But I remember, though can't find a link now, about a story I read which warn about redirects when using this feature. These redirects would take you to a site with malware and such.

Anyway, I did find this interesting blog about the problems associated with the Next Blog button, or as they call it, "nextsplog."

I believe you'll enjoy the read.


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