Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Schmunday

How do the weekends go by so quickly? Jeff and I had a light ride this weekend before his five-beer previous day caught up with him. That early morning Cohassett sun was cooking us - turning him into beer sausage; at the first big turnout we decided to turn around and ride some flats out Keefer Rd. way. Haha! Man, we're hardcore!

Here are some good things on deck this week:

  1. My new Rivendell Rambouillet should be here today! UPS screwed up last week.

  2. The Mile High 100 - Team JuG will be there. Jeff is riding the 100 mile course, and I'm not sure what I'll ride yet. Maybe the metric, or if I feel great maybe I will go further. We'll see. Regardless, it will be the maiden voyage for the new Ramboo!! :-D

If you need to waste a lot of time drooling over beautiful bikes, check out Brett's site. Go ahead, really. It's Monday morning. It's OK.

1 comment: said...

rivendale rocks.

throw up some pics when that badboy arrives, eh?