Thursday, June 15, 2006

Velo Orange, Grant Peterson and others

Over in the right hand column there, I added the Velo Orange blog: a blog about bicycles and cyclo-touring to the Bike Bloggers section. You might also want to check out the Velo Orange store for bicycle parts and accessories on the unique and useful side of things.

Other places I that I feel should be shared today are Jitensha Studio, which is in Berkeley, CA, and the Hiawatha Cyclery blog (is this the first bike shop blog in existence?) from the fellows in Minneapolis.

And you have to see the new Rivendell Legolas - a lugged steel beauty of a cyclocross frame. Did Grant & Co. get a little goofy with the Lord of the Rings tip-o-the-hat this time? Or perhaps the naming is simply for Search Engine Optimization in an attempt to be the top result any time a query has anything to do with Tolkien's books. That is not a bad idea for a mail order bicycle company! Talk about exposure!

Grant Peterson: Lord of the Chainrings (and Google SEO).

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